How To Get Energy When You Feel Emotionally Exhausted

There are times in your life when you feel physically exhausted but not because you have worked too hard or because you haven’t slept well, but because perhaps you are going through some either inner conflict or you are going through a rough time in your life that is robbing your energy emotionally. I think this kind of exhaustion is one of the worst kinds because if you are not careful, you can slip down and maybe even fall into depression. When feeling this way, how can you find the energy to keep going?

First thing I believe is to acknowledge what you are feeling. I believe that denying what you are feeling is not helpful nor conducive to truly moving forward. By denying what you are feeling it’s like trying to make believe that the wound that you have isn’t even there yet it is bleeding and needs your attention.

Try to understand where this feeling is coming from. Ask yourself what can you learn from what you are feeling. I believe there is always something to learn from everything whether it is good or bad. Every experience is a chance to become a better person and understanding where your hurt is coming from can provide important insight to you that can open up the opportunity for healing. The way to heal something is by understanding what is causing the pain/hurt.

Take things day by day, minute by minute. Just try to take one step at a time, put one foot in front of the other.

As hard as it may be to find the positive in even the most negative moments of life, it is a must to find the positive in everything. What focusing on the negative does is that it magnifies the bad things which then affects your emotions which will then affect your energy levels. Think about this, anything you dread to do, anything you don’t feel excited about doing will deplete your energy. By focusing on the positive, you are shifting your mindset which will then shift your energy- energy that you need to keep going even when the going gets tough.

It would be wonderful if there was an easy answer, a magic pill that would give us all the emotional energy we need when the going gets tough. The truth is that there is no such thing but there is one person who has the capacity to give you that emotional energy you need and that is YOU. With your acceptance of your feelings, with your own compassion towards yourself, with you doing your best to heal your wounds and see the positive in everything, you have the power to get the emotional energy that you need. I’ve said and written over and over again, well-being is something to work on everyday. It is something that you cultivate, nurture and create. It is YOU who have this power.

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El problema con un asunto no resuelto

Una de las cosas que puede arriunar el bienestar sin uno darse cuenta es cualquier asunto no resuelto y es de esto que voy a escribir.

¿Por qué escribir sobre asuntos no resueltos? Porque asuntos no resueltos le pueden prevenir de vivir una vida plena. Asuntos no resueltos pueden hacer que usted aleje todo lo bueno y usted no entender el por qué. Asuntos no resueltos pueden hacer que usted persiga todo lo que no es bueno para usted y no entender el por qué. Asuntos no resueltos pueden hacer que usted tenga algo que lo esté lastimando y que se haga difícil de desprender. Asuntos no resueltos pueden hacer que usted haga algo, acepte personas y circunstancias que no son saludables y que lo lleva a decisiones destructivas para usted. No estoy exagerando, lo PUEDE llevar a decisiones destructivas para usted.

¿Cómo una persona puede saber si tiene asuntos no resueltos? Creo que la mejor manera es prestando atención a cómo está su vida. Preste atención a lo que usted está atrayendo, preste atención a lo que usted ha aceptado en su vida, preste atención a sus relaciones y preste atención a cómo usted se siente y piensa de usted mismo. Nosotros aceptamos lo que pensamos que merecemos. Nosotros aceptamos que lo sentimos que merecemos. Cuando usted sabe que merece mejor, usted no acepta nada que sea menos que lo mejor. En base a cómo usted se ve a si mismo y cómo ve su vida, eso es lo que usted tiende aceptar.

¿De dónde vienen los asuntos no resueltos? ¿Cómo es que se llega a ese punto? Hay muchas cosas que puede llevar a uno tener asuntos no resueltos. Puede ser de su ñiñez, de sus padres, la manera que fue tratado en la escuela, cualquier rechazo que occurió en el pasado, cualquier fracaso y la más importante especialmente después de ser adulto, su percepción. La percepción es muy importante porque su percepción de cualquier cosa lo es todo. Lo que le sucede a uno no es lo que importa mucho, es la manera que uno percibe lo ocurrido lo que importa más. La manera que usted llega al punto de tener asuntos no resueltos es que cuando algo pasa, usted talvez no le dió mucha mente a lo que pasó y no procesó cómo algo lo hizo sentir y sus pensamientos de lo ocurrido, las lecciones, etc. Es importante el darle espacio a las cosas- darle espacio a usted mismo al igual que a lo ocurrido para que usted pueda procesar lo que pasó. La mejor manera de resolver algo es procesandolo. Es un error el echar estos asuntos a un lado, el sustituir lo que le hiere por otra cosa sin primero aprender la lección y después seguir hacia adelante. Es así cómo muchos sin darse cuenta y sin querer hieren a los demás.

Asuntos no resueltos…es necesario lidiar con estos asuntos y seguir hacia adelante. Una vez más, es un error el echar estos asuntos a un lado, el sustituir lo que le hiere por otra cosa sin primero aprender la lección y después seguir hacia adelante, un error muy grande el entumecer sus emociones con alcohol, drogas, comida o cualquier cosa que no sea saludable. Si usted no quiere que esos asuntos vuelvan a su vida, es mejor aprender y crecer de ellos.

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The Problem With Unresolved Issues

One of the things that can ruin one’s well-being without one realizing is any unresolved issues and this is what I will be writing in today’s post.

Why write about unresolved issues? Because unresolved issues can prevent you from living your life fully. Unresolved issues can make you push away all the goodness and you may not even understand why. Unresolved issues can make you chase all that is not good for you and you may not understand why. Unresolved issues can make you hold on to something that is hurting you and you may find it hard to let go. Unresolved issues can lead you to do things, accept people and circumstances that are unhealthy and can lead to destructive choices. No, I am not exaggerating, it CAN lead to destructive choices.

How can one know when they have unresolved issues? I think the best way is by looking at how your life is. Take a look at what you have been attracting, take a look at what you have been accepting in your life, take a close look at your relationships and take a closer look at how you feel and think about yourself. We accept what we think we deserve. We accept what we feel we deserve. When you know that you deserve better, you don’t accept anything less. Based on the way you view yourself and your life, that’s what you tend to accept.

Where do unresolved issues come from? How does one get to this point? There are many things that can lead to one having unresolved issues. It can come from your childhood, from your parents, the way you were treated in school, any rejection you may have had in the past, any failure and the most important especially as an adult, your perception. Perception is a big one because your perception of anything is everything. What is done to us is not what really matters, it is the way we perceive what happened what matters most. The way that you get to a point of having an unresolved issue is that when something occurs, you perhaps didn’t give it much thought and didn’t processed how something either made you feel and your thoughts of what happened, the lessons, etc. It is important to give things room- give yourself as well as what happened room so that you can digest it. The best way to resolve something is by processing it. It is a mistake to sweep things under the rug or substitute what hurt you for another without first letting it sit for a bit until you learn the lesson and then move on. This is how many without knowing and unintentionally hurt others.

Unresolved issues….it is a must to deal with the issues and move past it. Once again, it is a mistake to sweep things under the rug, substitute what hurt you for another without first letting it sit for a bit until you learn the lesson and then move on, a huge mistake to numb your emotions with alcohol, drugs, food or anything in an unhealthy manner. If you don’t want the issue to creep its ugly head, you might as well learn and grow from it.

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¿Se está usted paralizando mentalmente?

Siempre he creído que la peor manera de estar paralizado es estar paralizado mentalmente. Lo que me hizo llegar a esta conclusión es que yo analizaba cómo muchos quienes tenien un desafio físico se levantaban y hacían cosas que muchos quizás consideran imposible y algunos que no tienen un desafio físico parece no alcanzar mucho o casi nada y yo me preguntaba “por qué?”. Fue ahí que me di cuenta que el estar mentalmente paralizado es lo peor y es de esto que voy a escribir hoy.

¿Qué quiere decir el estar mentalmente paralizado? El estar paralizado mentalmente quiere decir que usted mentalmente se hace incapaz de hacer las cosas. Hay señales que una persona da cuando está mentalmente paralizado y son las siguentes: el uso frecuente de “no puedo”, “lo haría si pudiera”, “no tengo las habilidades/el dinero/el talento/las conexiones, etc”, el hacer muchas cosas a la vez y no terminar lo que se comienza, el creer que usted en realidad no puede hacer o tener algo, entre otras cosas que pueden disfrazar el que usted se esté paralizando. Cuando usted hace esto, usted bloquea todo lo que usted dice que quiere, todo lo que usted quiere alcanzar Y usted se detiene de ser quien realmente es.

Usted talvez se pregunta, “¡¿quien soy yo realmente?! Bueno, puedo decir que usted NO es su “no puedo”, su “lo haría si pudiera”, sus faltas, etc. Sin embargo, ¡es su constante enfoque en estas cosas lo que lo hace ser lo que usted no quiere ser! Para usted poder liberarse de esto, usted TIENE que remover lo que lo bloquea, usted NECESITA quitarse de su propio camino, usted TIENE que dejar de decir que usted no puede hacer o tener algo. ¡Usted no puede esperar que algo cambie para que usted pueda cambiar! ¡USTED tiene que cambiar para que las cosas cambien! Sé que es más fácil decirlo o escribirlo que hacerlo pero es más fructífero el quitarse del camino y esto lo puedo escribir por experiencia propia. Si sigue enfocándose en sus faltas, si sigue diciendo que no puede, usted no va a ningun lado y no tiene a nadie más quien culpar mas que a usted mismo.

Para su bienestar, es importante el preguntarse si usted se está paralizando mentalmente cuando usted esté en una situación que usted no quiere estar. Muchas veces no tenemos la vida que queremos porque somos nosotros quienes nos estamos previniendo de que sea así. Es importante el analizar cómo usted habla, analizar las acciones que toma y después hacer cambios. Si usted se puede quitar de su propio camino, usted tendrá lo que quiere.

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Are You Mentally Paralyzing Yourself?

I have always thought that the worse way to be paralyzed is to be paralyzed mentally. What made me come to this conclusion is that I would analyze how many who are physically challenged would rise up and do things that many would perhaps consider impossible and some who have no physical challenges seem to not achieve much or anything in life and I would ask myself “why is that?”. It is then that I realized that being mentally paralyzed is the worst and this is what I will be writing about in today’s post.

What does it mean to be mentally paralyzed? Being mentally paralyzed means that you mentally make yourself incapable of doing things. There are signs that one gives when they are mentally paralyzed and these are: the frequent use of “can’t”, “I would if I could”, “I don’t have skills/money/talent/connections, etc”, the doing many things at once and not finishing any of the things that are started, believing that you indeed can’t do something or can’t have something, among many other things that actually mask you paralyzing yourself. When you do this, you block all that you say that you want, all that you want to achieve AND you stop yourself from being who you truly are.

You may ask yourself, “who am I?!”. Well, I can certainly say that you are NOT your “can’ts”, your “I would if I could”, your lacks, etc. However, it is your constant focus on these things that makes you become the very thing that you don’t want to be! In order for you to become unstuck, you NEED to remove your blocks, you NEED to get out of your own way, you NEED to stop saying that you can’t do something or that you don’t have something. You can’t wait for something to change in order for you to change! YOU need to change in order for things to change! I know that this is easier said or written than done but it is much more fruitful to move yourself out of the way and this I can write for personal experience. For as long as you keep focusing on your lacks, for as long as you keep saying that you can’t, you won’t go anywhere and you have no one else to blame but yourself.

For your well-being, it is important to question whether or not you are mentally paralyzing yourself whenever you are in a situation that you don’t want to be. Many times we don’t have the life that we want because it is us who are hindering that from happening. It is important to access the way you are talking, assess the actions you are taking and then from there make changes. If you can remove yourself out of your own way, you will see yourself achieving that which you want to achieve.

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La parte más bella del final

El final es el comienzo de algo más grande y mejor. El final es el cierre de algo que ya no le sirve. Hay cosas que llegan en su vida sólo por un propósito. Esto incluye oportunidades y personas. A veces tenemos la tendencia de extender la vida a algo que ya no tiene vida. Lo que quiero decir con esto es que a veces hay cosas y personas que nosotros nos aferramos que necesitamos dejar ir porque ya cumplió con su propósito. Hay personas y oportunidades que son para toda la vida pero confie que usted va a saber la diferencia.

¿Y cuál es esa diferencia? Cuando se trata de personas, durante los momentos turbulentos, ustedes pueden resistir. Ninguna relación es perfecta y en todas las relaciones habrá diferencias. No son los momentos turbulentos ni las diferencias lo que definen la calidad de la relación ni cuánto tiempo va a durar- es cómo se lidian con los momentos turbulentos y con las diferencias lo que marca la diferencia.

Cuando se trata de oportunidades, usted sentirá y será obvio cuando la fecha de vencimiento está por llegar. De alguna manera las cosas no fluyen o no van bien o hay un problema tras otro o de un modo u otro esa oportunidad parece ser pequeña para la persona que usted quiere ser o está por ser.

El poder reconocer estas cosas es tan esencial para su bienestar porque esto lo ayudará a prevenir sufrimientos innecesarios. Cuando usted puede reconocer si alguien o no es una persona para toda la vida (y con esto incluyo amistades, no sólo relaciones románticas) y cuando usted puede reconocer si una oportunidad es de toda una vida, de repente el final no se siente como una perdida sino se sentirá como una ganancia porque es una ganancia. Es una ganancia porque usted va hacia adelante. Es una ganancia porque usted está creciendo. Es una ganancia porque esas cosas se están haciendo a un lado para dar espacio a lo que sí pertenece en su vida.

Es importante para su bienestar el saber y recordar que no todo lo que llega a su vida es para toda la vida y no hay nada de malo con esto. El recordar y saber esto ayudará aliviar las tristezas y sufrimiento innecesarios que pueden impedirlo de ver y recibir lo bueno que está por llegar.

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The Greatest Part of Endings

The ending is the beginning of something bigger and better. The ending is the closure of something that no longer serves you. There are things that come into your life just to serve a purpose. This includes opportunities and people. Sometimes we have the tendency to extend the life of something that no longer has a life. What I mean with this is that sometimes there are things and people that we hold on to that we need to let go because its purpose was already served. There are people and opportunities that are meant to be for a lifetime but trust that you will know the difference.

And what is that difference? When it comes to people, even during turbulent moments, you still are able to endure. No relationship is perfect and in every relationship there will be differences. It is not the turbulent moments nor the differences that define the quality of the relationships nor how long it will last- it is how those turbulent moments and differences are handled that marks the difference.

When it comes to opportunities, you will feel and it will be evident that its expiration date is arriving soon. Somehow things don’t flow or go right, there is one problem after another or somehow that opportunity may seem small for what you want or are yet to be.

Being able to recognize these things are so crucial to your well-being because this will help you avoid unnecessary suffering. When you are able to recognize whether someone is a person for a lifetime (and with this I also include friendships, not just romantic relationships) and when you’re able to recognize whether an opportunity is a lifetime one, suddenly the ending won’t feel like a loss, rather it will feel like a gain because in essence it is a gain. It is a gain because you’re moving forward. It is a gain because you’re growing. It is a gain because those things are moving out of the way to make way for other things that do belong in your life.

It is important for your well-being to know and remember that not everything that comes into your life are meant to be a lifetime and that’s ok. Remembering and knowing this will help alleviate some unnecessary sadness and suffering that can hinder you from seeing and receiving the goodness that are yet to come.

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