How to Start Seeing and Believing in Your Inner Reality

This can be a tough one when the outer reality just doesn’t match how we believe our life is supposed to be. This is because there are certain things that we don’t ask for. We don’t ask to be born in a certain place that perhaps doesn’t resonate with us and the list can go on and on of whatever it is you feel or think you didn’t ask to have or be.

The truth is that you are not condemned to be your genes, your family, your community or whatever it is that you are at the moment. This is because what matters most is how you feel and think you and your life are supposed to be.

So how can you start believing in your inner reality? First, think about what that inner reality looks like. Think about how does it feel like. If it feels right, if it feels really good, go with that feeling. Sit with that feeling for a bit until it feels familiar to you. The purpose of you doing this is that you want to open yourself up to receive guidance as to what the next step should be. Know that everyone is different so the way you may receive your own guidance may be different.

Perhaps you feel compelled to do something and you don’t understand why. That may be your inner being guiding you toward the very thing that is your reality. Before you start thinking that this has nothing to do with believing in your inner reality, I would like to explain something. One very important ingredient to life, even if you don’t believe me at the moment is faith. Faith that you feel the way you do for a reason. If you have a dream inside you, if you have a desire to do something, you have to have faith, which is the belief, that it is placed inside of you for a reason and that the reason is that it is yours already.

I’m sorry to say but if you have no faith whatsoever, you can’t possibly be in a state to receive guidance as to what your next step should be. You can’t because your lack of belief blocks you from knowing what you need to do to get to where you want to get. It’s important to sit with how it feels to live your inner reality because it is there where you will receive inspired action. I look back at my life and it is amazing how it is because I have sat with the emotions of what my inner reality looks like that brought upon a series of events that led me to the very things that I wanted.

So it all starts with faith. Faith that the things that you want are already yours despite what anyone else says and despite how reality looks like. Faith that your life is supposed to be how you envision it to be. Trust me that I understand how frustrating it can be when your reality isn’t the way you want it to be. Trust me that I know that it can be challenging to keep believing when you don’t see what you want coming. But the key is faith and keep sitting with how that inner reality feels so that you can start receiving guidance. It is when you start receiving guidance that slowly but surely you will start seeing reasons to believe in your inner reality.

I’m also going to give this suggestion. Think about all the things that you already manifested in your life. This will help you see that you have the capacity to have the things you want and will help you believe in the things that you want. Start thinking about even the “smallest” things that you were able to have that you wanted. Look for evidence that what you have always wanted is within reach.

To end this post, I would like to encourage you once again to look for evidence that what you have always wanted is within reach. Start having faith and sit with the feelings of that inner reality so that you can start receiving guidance as to what you need to do in order to get yourself closer to living that inner reality.

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Make Your Own Vows

Today, the day after my birthday, I had a voice inside me advice me of certain things which I know was my intuition and it’s something that I would like to share with you. I feel like sharing this because I think these things that my intuition is advising me are things that we should all be doing on a daily bass. Here it goes…

“Aura, from this day forward, I want you to make several vows because life is too beautiful and awfully short to be focusing on all the things that are not serving you. I want you to make a vow to focus more on yourself. Do more of the things that make you happy. Focus on making yourself happy because that is your main responsibility. Take care of your health no matter what. Focus on those who truly love you and forget those who couldn’t see your value. Let go of those who hurt you and love more those who love you. Let go of your fears. You can’t live on fear since fear paralyzes you. Be more of who you are. And since your relationships mean so much to you, again, let go of those who can’t see your value and focus and love those who do. Make this promise to yourself, please.”

This is the kind of vow that we all need to make to ourselves. To your vows you can add whatever it is that you know you need to work on more in your life. We make vows to our spouse and loved ones but many times we may fail to make that vow to ourselves. I personally know what it’s like to struggle with certain issues and I can tell you that not learning how to deal with them can hinder you from your best. I know what it is like to allow your fear to take over. This stops you from fully growing. I also know what it is like to focus on the wrong things and people. Those that are meant to be in your life will have the capacity to see you exactly for who you are and still stay in your life.

I share this with you because I want to challenge you to make your own vows and to commit to them because committing to your own vows can add tremendously to your well-being. Well-being doesn’t start with anything or anybody else. It starts with you.

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“Uplift Yourself”

Today as I’m sipping on my favorite brand of tea “Yogi tea”, I read the message that comes with the tea and it reads “Uplift others and uplift yourself”. The part that caught my attention was the “uplift yourself”. With so much that is going on in my life, it can be quite a challenge to uplift myself as I am sure that it is the same for others as well and so I thought of this importance after I read this.

There will be times in your life where others may not necessarily be there to uplift you and this is why it is very necessary to learn to uplift yourself. In the same way that you would encourage others, you need that same encouragement from yourself. “But how can I uplift myself when I have so much going on?” you may ask and what I can share is what I do on a daily basis to uplift myself.

I am aware that everyone’s belief may be different and I respect everyone’s belief and outlook in life so you can take the following advise in a way that suits you. I believe that prayer is one of the greatest ways to uplift yourself. There is something that I can not explain but that truly helps when you need encouragement.

Have faith or the belief that things will change and be better. That belief or faith helps you feel and think differently. It helps change your outlook on the situation. Without the belief or faith that things will be better, you will feel a heavy burden in you that just feels as if it’s dragging you down. This places weight on you that reflects everywhere you go.

Don’t forget to do things that make you happy. For everyone this will be different. For some it is reading, for others it is yoga, or perhaps going for a walk. It is crucial for you to do something that cheers you up because this helps you to relax. It is in a relaxed state that we can accomplish more and endure more.

Remember that you are loved. I think it is easy when one is going through so much or feeling sad or overwhelmed to think that they are lonely. Thinking in this manner just creates negative emotions within you that just doesn’t help. Remember that there are those who love you, who are influenced by you and who also depend on you. Knowing this will help you gain some strength since love is an empowering feeling.

These are just some of the many things that you can do to uplift yourself whenever you need encouragement. We sometimes tend to be so good at being there for others that we forget that we also need to be there for ourselves. This is part of taking care of yourself in order to ensure your well-being.