Why Is It a Must to Shake Off Certain Emotions?

I am one who says and writes over and over again that emotions are to be respected, tend to and understood because emotions are nothing else other than feedback from our soul/true essence. However, there are certain emotions that you can only have in small dosages because these emotions create havoc on your overall well-being and in today’s post, I would like to explain why it is a must to shake off certain emotions.

I totally understand, and trust me when I write that I totally understand, that there are certain circumstances in life where it seems unavoidable to not feel depressed, worried, angry and so on. There are certain circumstances in life that just don’t seem fair, are very sad and can just drag us down to a point that feels that there is no way out. HOWEVER, and let me repeat, however (and yes, I did capitalize the conjunctive adverb “however” because it is that important that it needs emphasis) it is a MUST to shake off these emotions because they, when it prolongs for too long, are detrimental to your overall life and well-being. Any emotions that when prolonged are detrimental to your well-being are depression/sadness, anger, worry, grief and sorrow.

Not shaking off these emotions are detrimental to your mind. They take over your thoughts and your thoughts affect your emotions and actions. Your thoughts program your mind which is the central part of how you perceive and feel things that occur. This also affects the decisions that you make thus affecting your actions.

Not shaking off these emotions affect you physically to the point that if you’re not careful, you can become physically sick. The mind, body and soul are all connected. They are not separate. Think about this, when you are sad or grieving, do you feel like choosing healthy foods? I bet not. Most likely you will go for comfort foods which most likely means unhealthy meals. The way you feel when you put food in your body matters. I have noticed that when you eat just to “survive”, your body doesn’t receive the food it’s getting the same way. You may notice that you feel nauseas, food doesn’t sit well in the stomach, etc. Instead, when you enjoy your food and enjoy what you are putting in your body, your body feels joy, you feel good. Stress and depression creates physical havoc in the body to the point that you can actually get an illness over time.

Not shaking off these emotions affects your physical environment. What I mean with your physical environment is your home, your relationships with others, etc. There is no way you will feel like having your home looking nice when you feel down. There is no way you will be able to transmit good energy and have much to give to others when you are down. There is just no way! Our physical environment reflects how we feel inside ourselves so if your physical world is a mess, guess what, it’s time to look at your inner world. If your physical environment is not a good environment, that just creates a cycle that seems like never ending. A depressing environment only creates a more depressing state of mind. You can’t afford to be in this state! It’s too expensive in so many ways!

I by no means am contradicting the fact that I encourage to embrace and understand your emotions. Not at all. What I am implying with today’s post is that if you stay too long with certain emotions that in large dosages are too harmful for you, you need to shake those emotions off. You must if you want great well-being. For those who are reading this and find themselves in a situation that feels awful and sad, please know that nothing is forever and that for your well-being as well as the well-being of others, it is a MUST to shake off those emotions! Please do, you are worth so much and no matter where you are in life, you matter not just for yourself but for others as well.

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Why You Need to Wear Many Hats

This may seem like a strange title for today’s post, however, if you keep reading, you will see how relevant this title and today’s post is to your well-being.

When I write “wear many hats” I by no means mean it in a literal sense. I mean in it in the sense of you having several roles that you play in your life. The importance of playing several roles in your life has nothing to do with keeping yourself busy and all to do with maintaining that balance that you need in life. When all you do is just play one role in life, when things go wrong, you can feel like your world is falling apart. This is why it is a must to wear many hats in life in order to keep things in perspective and to maintain inner balance.

What does “wearing many hats” mean if you still don’t get what I just wrote? What this means is that you are not just a “mother” if you are a mother or a “father” if you are a father- you are a sister, a brother, a friend, an employee whatever that title may be, you are a volunteer, you are a mentor, you are whatever it is that you enjoy but you have several roles that you play in life rather than just one. When you only play one role, you may not realize it but you behave in a way that is obvious to others that lacks balance. I would like to clarify that I by no means imply that what others think or their view of you should matter more than your own, not at all. But what I do mean and I will explain this using an example, if all you are is a lawyer and that’s all you do, that’s your whole life, you take yourself way too seriously and you take what goes on way too seriously. You may even be a bit uncomfortable to be around for your colleagues because of the lack of balance that you have. If instead, you are a lawyer and you have a family to take care of, you have friends to look forward to seeing, you start to see things in your career in a whole different light. You don’t take the things that don’t really matter much too seriously. That’s the power of wearing many hats- it gives you other things to look forward to, it helps put the things that don’t really matter in perspective and it helps balance you out when one area of your life isn’t going well.

Another example of how harmful it is when you only play one role is when life starts to change and so the only role you played seems to either cease or change dramatically. This can be particularly hurtful when, say for instance, a mom who is only a housewife and a mother sees her kids grow up and leave and feels that she has nothing else left. This may sound drastic but it does happen and one of the things to always keep in mind is that life is always changing whether we like it or not. We get older, people grow and change, people move, etc. and so it is important to be elastic and mold to the changes that come in life. If that mom had other roles to play, even though it would still feel sad to see her kids grow up and leave, it would not hit her so hard because she has other things to look forward to and fall back on.

I can go on and on with this topic because I feel this is one topic that I can not fully finish with just one post. However, I would like to finish this post with this one thought…if you have only made your job your world, your home your world or just one single thing your world whatever that may be, I encourage you to consider wearing other hats for your mental and emotional sanity as well as for achieving that balance that you need in your life.

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¿Qué hay en su caja de herramientas?

La mayoría de nosotros tenemos una caja llena de herramientas que nosotros necesitamos cuando algo en la casa necesita arreglo. Hay cosas obvias que necesitamos como un destornillador, un martillo, algunos clavos, etc. y estos sólo son las cosas esenciales. Hay otras cosas que dependiendo de las necesidades de su casa usted tendrá otras cosas que no son tan importantes como los esenciales pero aún así las tiene. Aparte de esta caja de herramientas, usted necesita otra que es tan necesaria para su vida diaria que muchos de nosotros negamos pero esta caja de herramientas a nadie le puede faltar porque esta caja es el tipo que está armado con los esenciales para lidiar con la vida diaria y esta es una caja que yo llamo su caja de herramientas para el bienestar.

Ok, inventé este nombre pero si lo piensa bien, así como hay cosas en la casa que se necesitan arreglar y hay cosas que se sueltan, usted también va a necesitar algunas reparaciones por el deterioro por el uso que usted le da a su cuerpo a diario. Esta caja de herramientas usted puede utilizar todos los días o quizás algunos días pero es esencial que usted comience a pensar ahora sobre su caja de herramientas del bienestar.

Entonces, ¿de qué consiste esta caja de herramientas del bienestar? Consiste de que usted va hacer o utilizar cuando usted esté estresado, comidas en la nevera ya preparada o comida en el gabinete que usted pueda comer cuando sienta su cuerpo un poco decaído, rituales que usted hace a diario para garantizar su balance interior y relaciones saludables con buenas personas que lo aman y lo entienden.

El estrés no fue creado para ser eliminado de su vida. Por esta razón, es importante que usted aprenda a manejar el estrés. Si usted todavía no lo ha hecho, piense en las cosas que lo relajan y que lo hacen sentir bien. Puede ser cualquier cosa como el yoga o la meditación. Cualquier cosa que lo relaje es lo que importa. La razón por la cual usted quiere saber esto de antemano es porque usted quiere tener acceso a estas herramientas cuando las necesite.

Durante la época de la influenza y del resfriado, me aseguro de tener mi sopa preparada. Hago una sopa que yo considero y lo llamo mi penicilina porque tiene ingredientes que suben el sistema imunológico. Tengo mis bocadillos saludables ya listo para comer y tomo mis multivitaminas a diario para asegurarme de que cuido de mi cuerpo a un nivel celular. Tenga comida ya lista que usted sabe que su cuerpo necesita y tenga las comidas que no le provee ninguna nutrición fuera de su nevera y gabinete. Como dice el dicho en inglés “fuera de la vista, fuera de la mente” asi que si usted se llena de comidas saludables, usted no tendrá otra opción que comer comidas saludables.

Tenga rituales que usted hace a diario para garantizar su balance interior. ¿Por qué? Porque usted es un total de lo que usted hace a diario. Todo lo que usted hace se suma. Asegúrese de incorporar alguna actividad física. Asegúrese de tener hábitos mentales saludables. Asegúrese de tomar suplementos de alta calidad. Asegúrese de comer bien. Hay muchos rituales que usted puede incorporar pero como no quiero que lo que escribo hoy sea tan largo, menciono sólo algunos.

Por último, pero no es por eso menos importante, cultive relaciones saludables con buenas personas quienes lo aman y lo entienden. ¿Por qué esto tiene que ser parte de su caja de herramientas del bienestar? Porque su vida social es parte de su bienestar. Las personas que usted se rodea juegan un papel muy grande en su vida y bienestar en general. El estar rodeado de personas positivas y llena de amor añaden más salud a su vida. Nosotros somos seres sociales y necesitamos rodearnos con los demás para nuestro bienestar mental y emocional. Sin embargo, asegúrese de que sean las personas adecuadas para usted porque las personas equivocadas pueden ser desastrosas para su vida.

Si usted aún no lo ha hecho, asegúrese de crear su caja de herramientas del bienestar ahora. Así como usted tiene una caja de herramientas física en caso de que algo se necesite arreglar en la casa, habrá momentos en donde su cuerpo va a necesitar “un arreglo”. Así como su casa física necesita mantenimiento, su cuerpo también necesita mantenimiento y la manera de proveerlo es teniendo una caja de herramientas del bienestar que usted pueda tener acceso cuando lo necesite.

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El propósito de las desiluciones

Las desiluciones…son una de las cosas que vamos a tener mientras vivimos porque son parte de la vida. No se siente bien cuando nos sentimos desilucionados pero es parte de la vida y es necesario aceptar esto. Entonces, si esto es parte de la vida, ¿cuál es el propósito de las desiluciones? De eso quiero escribir hoy.

Hay diferentes tipos de desiluciones. Algunas desiluciones vienen de las personas, otras por circunstancias. Algunas vienen de uno mismo, créalo o no. Hay tantas posibles razones que pueden llevar a la desilución tales como las expectativas que uno pueda tener, necesidades que no se han cumplido, hasta un malentendido o la falta de comunicación ya sea de la otra persona o hasta de uno mismo. (Desafortunadamente los malos entendidos o la falta de comunicación es algo que ocurre muy a menudo y no debería de ser de esta manera).

Es importante cuando usted esté desilucionado de entender el por qué usted se siente de esta manera y que fue lo que lo llevó a la desilución. Esto le ayudará a entender lo que pasó y qué usted puede aprender de esa desilución para que si algo similar fuera a ocurrir de nuevo, usted ya sabe que hacer. La vida es maravillosa en el sentido de que la vida nos vuelve a dar la misma lección que debemos de aprender y nos prueba para ver si realmente hemos aprendido la lección.

Las desiluciones se pueden sentir como una experiencia amarga. Dependiendo del grado de sus expectativas o los sentimientos que usted siente hacia esa persona que le causó la desilución o dependiendo de las circunstancias es lo que dictará que tan amarga será esa experiencia para usted. Sus emociones y su percepción de lo que pasó juega un papel muy grande en la experiencia que usted vive. De ninguna manera usted debe de echar a un lado su desilución como algo insignificante. Esto es casi equivalente a usted tener una herida profunda y lo cubre con una curita, esperando que esa herida se sane. Siempre recomiendo el sentir el dolor, aunque duela, y de tratar ese dolor.

He dicho y he escrito antes que parte del bienestar es el crecimiento. Para poder crecer, se requiere cambios y en donde hay cambios, hay aprendizaje. Las desiluciones le ofrecen una oportunidad de crecer de tantas maneras para que asi usted pueda ser mejor persona. Puede doler que una amistad se haya roto, que una relación amorosa se haya terminado, que una oportunidad parezca estar perdida, pero me estoy dando cuenta de ciertas cosas- aquellos quienes fueron hechos para estar en su vida permanecerán en su vida, si una relación significa mucho para usted, ustedes dos arreglarán las cosas y que las oportunidades nunca se pierden.

Permítese de crecer de esa desilución. Trate de ver qué usted pudo haber hecho diferente, no sólo mire a lo que la otra persona hizo mal, pero mire el papel que usted jugó en esa situación. Si una oportunidad no pareció ser suya, eso es porque hay algo mejor que está por llegar. Si usted toma todo lo que le llega, usted no dejará espacio para lo que realmente es para usted. Las desiluciones tienen su propósito pero está en usted el dejar que haga su propósito.

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The Purpose of Disappointments

Disappointments…..it’s just one of those things that we will get for as long as we live because they are a part of life. It sucks to be disappointed but they are a part of life and it is necessary to accept this. So if this is part of life, then what is the purpose of disappointments? That’s what I would like to discuss in today’s post.

There are different kinds of disappointments. Some disappointments will come from people, others from circumstances. Some will come from ourselves, believe it or not. There are many possible reasons as to what led to that disappointment such as expectations that one may have, needs that were not met, even miscommunication or no communication from the other person or even from yourself (unfortunately, miscommunication or no communication is a big one and it shouldn’t be this way).

It is important whenever you are disappointed to understand why you are disappointed and what led to that disappointment. This is going to shed some light as to what happened and what you can learn from it so that should something like this happen again, you will know how to respond. Life is wonderful in the sense that Life always gives us back the lessons that we must learn and it will test us to see if we actually learned our lesson or not.

Disappointments can feel like a sour experience. Depending on the degree of your expectations, or the feelings you have towards that person that disappointed you or depending on the circumstance is what will dictate how sour that experience will be for you. Emotions and your perception of what happened play a big role in how you experience things. By no means should you just brush the disappointment you feel under the rug as something insignificant. This is almost equivalent to you having a deep wound and covering it up with a Band-Aid hoping it will heal on its own. I always encourage to feel the pain, although it sucks, and take care of the pain.

I’ve said and wrote before that part of well-being is growth. In order to grow, changes are involved and where there is change, there is learning as well. Disappointments offer you an opportunity to grow in many ways that can make you a better person. It may suck that a friendship broke, a relationship is torn, an opportunity may seem lost, but I’m starting to realize certain things- those that are meant to stay in your life will stay, if a relationship means so much to you, both of you will work things out and opportunities are never lost.

Allow yourself to grow from that disappointment. Look at what you could have done differently, not just what that other person did wrong, but also look at what role you played in that situation. If an opportunity didn’t seem to be yours, that’s because there is something better that is yet to come. If you take everything that comes to you, you will not leave space for the thing that is truly for you. Disappointments have their purpose but it is up to you to let that purpose come forth.

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This Week’s Message…

For the past two weeks and still this week have been one of the most difficult times in my family’s life. A family emergency has taken me away from several of the things that I was working on and the lessons that I already knew have hit me even harder and it is the message that I would like to share with you this week.

Many times we get so fixated on things that do not matter. We get frustrated because of small things and we sometimes miss out on still seeing the blessing that we have in our life. We don’t really understand what it truly means to be rich in life and don’t seem to value what we have until we either have it in a limited capacity or we lose it. This week’s message is…if you can see, if you can walk, if you can hear, if you can talk, if you have your family and are surrounded by love, if you have health….you have EVERYTHING.

What we sometimes fail to realize is that these are the foundation from which we can build upon. Many times we take our health for granted. Many times we take for granted our body’s capacity and we take for granted those who love us. When we do this, we risk missing out on so many greatness and on building from that foundation. We risk delaying our happiness or we just risk not being happy at all.

When you have health, you are able to do basically anything you want since the state of your body is what determines what you can and can not do. The state of your body determines your lifestyle since a compromised health can mean a limited lifestyle since there are things that the body is not able to do.

Love is the basis for everything, it is truly the nutrient to your heart, your soul, your mind and your body since the mental, emotional and physical aspects are all connected. Knowing that you are loved can mean that you have added strength to get through any tough situation life may throw your way. This is why investing in your family as well as those who truly love you is a must.

For your well-being it is a must that you remember this one message that I have for you this week. And even if you are missing any one of these things, there are still things that you have that are a part of that foundation of well-being. Build upon that foundation and remember….if you can see, if you can walk, if you can hear, if you can talk, if you have your family and are surrounded by love, if you have health…you have EVERYTHING.

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The Necessity of Having Passion in Life

Passion is a word that is most used in regards to love or lust. However, did you know that in order to have a life full of meaning and purpose then passion is a must? This is what today’s post is about.

Passion is so necessary when it comes to life because passion is what can provide you with the fuel that you need in order to get things done. We are emotional beings and as emotional beings we are driven by our emotions. Having passion for something is what lights you up and gets you moving. Passion is what can provide you with the motivation that you need in order to accomplish a goal. Passion is the feeling behind the purpose.

Without passion, it almost feels as if you have to drag yourself to do things. Things start to feel either bland or heavy and this is not how life is meant to be lived. Without passion, life can feel without much purpose. This is because there isn’t something that is lighting up your soul which is your true essence. Whatever it is that can light up your soul may be different from others around you and that is ok. You were not designed to be like others. You were designed to be you. When you have no passion in life, I believe this is an indicator that you are out of alignment with who you truly are and this is certainly one of the consequences of not being in alignment. Without passion, I believe you can’t be your best you for others because you can only offer your best to others when you are passionate about your life and who you are.

If you don’t have any passion already I recommend you start having passion for life. Life is full of so many things and you are full of so many things as well. There are many qualities to you that make you unique and special. There are times when there are things about us that we may be unaware, jewels that we possess that are hidden within us and it is up to us to start digging for them. I believe everyone has it in them to be passionate about their life, it’s just a matter of figuring out what that is that will take them to that level in their life.

Passion is a must if you want to have a life full of happiness, growth and health. It helps balance your life and this is so necessary for your well-being. I recommend that you start figuring out now what are you passionate about and start living your living according to your passions. This will add tremendous health and happiness into your life.

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