How You May Unknowingly Be Stepping Away From Your Power

Sometimes we do things we don’t realize that hurt us. We all want happiness, there is no denying of that but we sometimes unknowingly make ourselves unhappy. Being unhappy takes away from your well-being. Part of happiness is knowing and stepping into your power and it is because of this that I would like to write about how you may unknowingly be stepping away from your power.

You unknowingly step away from your power when you hold on to things, situations, people, relationships, etc. that don’t serve you or don’t make you happy. I know how hard it can be to let go, trust me I do. I have held on to people and situations for way too long that didn’t serve me at all. If anything, holding on to those people and situations were just a waste of my time and it made me feel worse and worse with time. So do yourself a favor and let go NOW of the things that no longer serve you. It is important to trust that things are still working out for your favor no matter what.

You unknowingly step away from your power when you are not honest with yourself. I believe I wrote a post on the importance of being honest with yourself even if it hurts. Being honest liberates you. It’s best to feel bad now for a little bit than feel really bad down the road because you were not honest with yourself. Honesty can be one of the hardest things to do but it is a must if you are to grow in well-being. It will liberate you from things and situations you don’t need in your life.

You unknowingly step away from your power when you are not grateful for what you have at this very moment. I don’t know how to describe it but there is something so soothing about thanking God, the universe, whatever you believe in, for all that you currently have. There is emotional and mental power in you being grateful for all you have right now. It brings joy, it brings peace and you will feel loved when you live in gratitude.

You unknowingly step away from your power when you focus on the things that go wrong instead of all the things that are right with your life. Your focus is everything. Your focus determines your energy, your perspective, your emotions, your current physical state since mind influences the way the body will be, etc. Focus on what’s right and more right things will come to you. If this doesn’t come easy, just take baby steps. Catch yourself when you focus on the negative things and change it to positive things.

You unknowingly step away from your power when your self-talk is negative. It’s important to learn to be your own cheerleader. Not all the time will those who usually cheer you up be there when you need them. This is why you need to learn to be your own cheerleader and you do this through your self-talk. If your vocabulary consists of negative words and phrases, this needs to be changed if you are to change your life. Be mindful of the words you use and be mindful of the energy behind those words. The energy, too, matters a lot.

This post would be very long if I were to list more ways that you may unknowingly step away from your power but pay attention to one key indicator that doesn’t lie and it is your emotions. If your emotions are negative emotions, pay attention to how you may have unknowingly stepped away from your power. Your emotions don’t lie. Start now to step into your power. Doing this will add greatly to your well-being.

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“Uplift Yourself”

Today as I’m sipping on my favorite brand of tea “Yogi tea”, I read the message that comes with the tea and it reads “Uplift others and uplift yourself”. The part that caught my attention was the “uplift yourself”. With so much that is going on in my life, it can be quite a challenge to uplift myself as I am sure that it is the same for others as well and so I thought of this importance after I read this.

There will be times in your life where others may not necessarily be there to uplift you and this is why it is very necessary to learn to uplift yourself. In the same way that you would encourage others, you need that same encouragement from yourself. “But how can I uplift myself when I have so much going on?” you may ask and what I can share is what I do on a daily basis to uplift myself.

I am aware that everyone’s belief may be different and I respect everyone’s belief and outlook in life so you can take the following advise in a way that suits you. I believe that prayer is one of the greatest ways to uplift yourself. There is something that I can not explain but that truly helps when you need encouragement.

Have faith or the belief that things will change and be better. That belief or faith helps you feel and think differently. It helps change your outlook on the situation. Without the belief or faith that things will be better, you will feel a heavy burden in you that just feels as if it’s dragging you down. This places weight on you that reflects everywhere you go.

Don’t forget to do things that make you happy. For everyone this will be different. For some it is reading, for others it is yoga, or perhaps going for a walk. It is crucial for you to do something that cheers you up because this helps you to relax. It is in a relaxed state that we can accomplish more and endure more.

Remember that you are loved. I think it is easy when one is going through so much or feeling sad or overwhelmed to think that they are lonely. Thinking in this manner just creates negative emotions within you that just doesn’t help. Remember that there are those who love you, who are influenced by you and who also depend on you. Knowing this will help you gain some strength since love is an empowering feeling.

These are just some of the many things that you can do to uplift yourself whenever you need encouragement. We sometimes tend to be so good at being there for others that we forget that we also need to be there for ourselves. This is part of taking care of yourself in order to ensure your well-being.