It’s Important to Laugh at Yourself

I shared this message on the Facebook page, @AuraEMartinezCoach, but I will share it here as well since I think it is a very important message to share.

I would first like to share that Monday, March 4th I went to Cancun, Mexico for a personal development and training event because I truly believe that in order for me to be able to offer the best to you, I have to treat myself with the best and be coached and mentored. The day that I arrived, I was so sleepy since I was already jet lagged. On top of that, I woke up very early for that flight so I hardly slept that night.

Going straight to the chase, I was so out of it that day that when I arrived, I thought I left my room key on the bench that’s in front of the restaurant where I ate that day. It wasn’t until the waiter asked me my room number that I realized, looking in my purse, that I didn’t have the key. So the waiter checked the bench, it wasn’t there. She checked inside the menu the key wasn’t there. At that point I was a bit freaked out at the thought that someone else took the key because I was convinced I had left it on the bench. So I asked the waiter to put the food on hold, which I already ordered, and went to the reception desk to change rooms. That’s when I was given another key to activate the new one and deactivate the old one. When I got to the room because I wanted to activate the new key, the old key that I thought I left on the bench was in the bathroom.

Then for dinner, I went out with my business bestie and when it came time to pay, yes I had pesos but my mind just couldn’t do any conversion anything or anything foreign, again, I was so out of it. So for some reason I didn’t see the 500 pesos bills, I thought they were 100 pesos, didn’t see the 5. The waiter thanked me so much and she was so kind to let me know that she couldn’t accept the tip because it was too high of a tip. That’s when I realized that I had given a $100 dollars tip basically. Yeah, I know!

Theeeennnn, when I arrived to my room, I had all my mini liquids in a Ziploc bag and in it was a clear nail polish. So the bag just slipped out of my hand, fell on the floor and the nail polish broke. So there was clear nail polish all over the little bottles inside the Ziploc bag and the french manicure that I had done got all smeared because of the clear nail polish. There goes my french manicure! And to top it off, I went downstairs in the hotel to the spa place to see if they sell clear nail polish. Well, they had every other color EXCEPT the clear nail polish, of course. At this point at the spa I’m trying on colors that may be close to a clear nail polish and I found one and tried to put some on and as I was doing that, the lady at the spa was like “You can’t do that ma’am because that is for the spa”.

Looking back it was such a comical day. I just laughed the whole day at the whole situation because even though I was in that situation, it was still funny. So the message I want to share with you is that it’s important to learn how to laugh at yourself.

It’s important because life is also about you making a fool out of yourself. It’s about hiccups. It’s about things not going perfect. It’s about disappointments. When you expect things to go exactly how you want them to go, things will go south pretty fast because you will feel that life is not meeting your expectations. Instead, choose to believe and remember that life is ALWAYS meeting your expectations no matter what. Choose to forgive yourself for your mistakes or things not going right. Choose to laugh whenever you make a fool out of yourself. Choose to know that it is ok if you don’t know this or that. And if someone says something stupid, laugh. What other people say is NONE of your business. What other people think is NONE of your business.

The faster you can laugh at all the things that go wrong in your life, the better you will feel about things and things rather than go down, they will start going up. Know that you have a choice in your thoughts and beliefs. Just like I mentioned on my social media, what are you choosing to think and feel today? That matters.

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So, I would like to encourage you to learn to laugh at yourself when things don’t go right, when you mess up, when you act funny, etc. This will add tremendously to your well-being in ways that you just can’t imagine.

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Overwhelmed: A Plague to Your Well-being

Feeling overwhelmed can be very disabling and it is precisely for this reason that I must discuss this on this blog.

Well-being is about joy, balance, harmony, good energy and loving life. Feeling overwhelmed takes away from all this and that’s when ailments can start. If you are feeling sick, tired most of the time, mentally clouded and a lack of purpose and joy, ask yourself if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

There are many reasons one can feel overwhelmed, one of them being having so much to do. I do want to emphasize that feeling overwhelmed is not equivalent to being busy. A good friend of mine, Dawn, brought up a very important distinction during one of our conversations and it is this- being busy isn’t equivalent to being productive. Why do I feel it is important to mention this? Because perhaps your feeling of overwhelm comes from being busy of not being productive.

When feeling overwhelmed, it is important to understand the cause. Is it all the responsibilities that you have that causes this feeling? If so, why? Is it that there are changes that you want to occur? If so, what are these changes? Is it a relationship that you currently have that makes you feel overwhelmed? If so, why is that?

Many times the feeling of overwhelm comes from some dissatisfaction that we currently have and are not aware of it. This is why I have stated over and over again that it is important to pay attention to your emotions. It is important to embrace them. They are feedback from your soul. By ignoring your emotions, you are ignoring important information from your true essence.

When feeling overwhelmed it is important to embrace it, sit with it and understand it. Once you take the time to understand it, you will know what steps to take in order to feel better.

So if you are currently feel overwhelmed, I want to encourage you to embrace it, sit with it and understand it. Don’t avoid feeling this way because otherwise you will be missing on important info that can lead to greater change and well-being.

If you love the blog, you will most certainly love my latest book Creating a Lifetime of Wellness: Start Having the Life You Deserve where I discuss topics that highly impact your well-being that perhaps you may not be aware of. You can purchase your copy on Amazon or on Barnes and Noble

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Where Does Peace Start?

Peace, I would dare to say, is at the core of well-being. This is because without peace, you can’t be centered. Without peace, you can’t have balance. Without peace, you can’t make the right choices. Without peace, you make yourself vulnerable to feelings that can ruin any good in your life.

Peace is one of the pillars of well-being, so with this said, where does peace start? It starts with you first. Before peace can start in your home, before peace can start in any relationship, that peace needs to start first within you. This is because when you have peace within you, that is a peace that you carry with you no matter where you are, where you go, no matter any relationship you are in. When you have peace within you, that is something that you are able to take with you anywhere and you emanate everywhere.

Peace is not something that depends on others or something else although other people or things can contribute to that peace or can even try to take that peace away. Ultimately it is you who dictates whether or not that is something that you will have in your life. It is you who decides if you will let only things and people that contribute to that peace. This is because we are the ones who allow things and people into our life.

Where can one start to achieve peace? It starts with awareness. Awareness of the self is essential to one’s well-being. You achieve peace when you know who you truly are, when you understand what triggers certain emotions so that you can then steer yourself towards the direction in life that you want to take. It starts with understanding that it is you who create your life, it is you who decides what you will feel, it is you who decides whether you will let in goodness, that it is the relationship with yourself that matters most. It starts with working on any issues that you may have so that you can then be fully open to goodness. No one else can do this for you. No one else can do the work for you. No one else can give you the love that you can only give yourself. Yes, other people can contribute to that happiness, other people can add to your peace but no one can fully make you happy, no one can fully give you peace. That ultimately starts with you.

I would like to encourage you with today’s post to do only things that give you peace, to always strive to have peace within you and anything that takes away from that peace, rather than running away from it, try to find out what is it about it that takes your peace away. It is that self awareness the key to your happiness and peace that you need.

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It’s Important to Grow Some Balls

In today’s post, I’m changing the meaning of growing balls. When reading “growing balls” one may think of courage but this is not what I’m referring to. “Growing balls” means to toughen up, to be an adult and to be mature.

I will start off this post by sharing that about a week ago, I just had to confront someone, and I have to admit it was not pretty, that just pissed off both someone else and I. This person who I will call Jane, had an attitude with us and just seemed off. At one point, I had enough of her that I had to call her off and I asked her in a tone that was not very nice “What is wrong with you?!”. Jane proceeded to continue to get on our nerves and then broke down with someone else and expressed how she was very sad because her boyfriend broke up with her. That person that she confided with came up to me and said how she is crying and is sad because her boyfriend broke up with her and I expressed how I didn’t give a damn what is going on with her. I stated how she needs to grow some freaking balls because it is no one’s fault that her boyfriend broke up with her. Now you can see where this title comes from.

The reason why I honestly didn’t care and had to express that she needs to grow some balls is because it is important to remember that EVERYONE, not just you, has a story, a baggage, a load that they are carrying. It is NOT other people’s fault what happens in your life and it is certainly not fair to take out on others the hurt that you feel. Little did Jane knew that on that same day it was a month since my dad’s passing and that the other person who she pissed off his father is very ill. Jane had no right having an attitude with us because if that’s the case, then I too have a “right” to have an attitude with others because my dad passed away. The other person too had a “right” to have an attitude with others because his dad is very ill. I hope you can understand why it is wrong to take out on others your frustration and sadness.

Doing so makes people become distant from you. I’m pretty sure it is not your intention to push people away but you do so if you take your frustration and sadness out on others. It makes others resentful of you and besides, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be thought of as someone who is not nice to be around.

So what is the solution when you feel so much sadness, frustration or even anger? It is not the easiest solution but it is a must and it is to grow some balls. You need to toughen up in life because life is composed of many aspects that unfortunately includes things that we may not like. Break ups are hard but everyone has gone through some heart break. Death is a part of life because it is the cycle of life. Illness is not easy but it is a must to be able to handle it in the best way possible. It is ok to feel sad, angry and frustrated- you are only human. But it is NOT ok to take out your frustration, anger or sadness on others.

Part of being an adult is being mature. It is a must to not act out or lash out on others. It is a must to take things as being a part of life. It is a must to try to look at the positive of things. It is a must to compartmentalize so that you don’t spill onto other areas of your life your frustration.

If the last two paragraphs don’t motivate you to grow some balls, at least remember that everyone has a baggage that they are carrying as well. Some people are better at hiding their heavy luggage than others and this may be the reason that you may not see the load that they are carrying. It is important to be empathetic because you never know other people’s story. I think if most of us could remember this, this could greatly add to our well-being.

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Feeling Frustrated and Miserable In Life? Let This Feeling Propel You To Higher Levels

I am one to advocate that emotions are meant to be felt and understood. Not ignored nor treated as if they are just “emotions”. Our emotions are an indicator of where we are in life. Just like a thermometer measures the body temperature, our emotions measure how our soul is doing. It is an indicator of whether we are aligned with what our soul wants. With this said, if you are feeling frustrated and miserable in life, rather than ignore these feelings, allow them to propel you to a higher level in life.

When feeling frustrated and miserable, don’t take this out on others. Don’t go walking around feeling and acting miserable (this in itself is pitiful and attracts more situations that will make you more miserable). Rather, question where this misery is coming from and do something about it. Continuously feeling miserable isn’t going to do anything to change your situation. It is understanding and taking action what is going to make the difference. I advocate understanding oneself but when trying to make changes in your life, understanding alone won’t help. You need to take action as well in order to see those changes. Don’t expect situations to change. Don’t expect others to change. You must change. Allow that frustration and misery to be the fuel that will give you the courage to make those changes. I know first hand that changes can be scary and that taking action can feel uncomfortable but it is a must.

Part of well-being is making adjustments when things are not conducive to our overall health. Although complaining can be healthy because it helps release some of that emotion, complaining all the time about the same thing and not doing anything about it is useless. What’s the use complaining about something that you’re not doing anything about it to change?! It’s useless because the situation will never change unless you take action and constantly complaining robs energy from you that you can utilize to take action. I would like to clarify that there’s nothing wrong with complaining. However, complaining with no action is useless.

Feeling frustration doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s a good indication that something isn’t right in your life. Pay attention to that frustration and try to see where that frustration is coming from. Rather than viewing that frustration in a negative way, let that frustration propel you to higher levels in life. This, I guarantee you, will skyrocket your overall well-being. And isn’t this something that you would like?!

One of Your Best Assets Is Having And Cultivating Patience

We live in a society that unfortunately feeds us the idea of having everything fast and easy, comfortable and with not much work, where everything needs to be now. And what has this done to us? This has made us into people who feel that we need everything NOW. We have lost patience for things and when things are not as fast as they “need” to be, we just give up and move on to the next thing hoping it will be quick enough. One of the best assets you can have that will benefit tremendously your mental, emotional and physical well-being is having and practicing patience.

I don’t know about you but when I start to lose patience, I can feel how my body starts to change.  I start to feel hot and I sweat a bit, I feel irritable, I can feel my body getting tense and I can’t think straight. It takes me a while to go from that state to a calm, peaceful state. If you ask me, I think it’s not worth it to feel that way.

When you practice patience, you come from a different place. When you have patience, your composure is different, your mind is clear and you are not coming from a “reacting” place. When you lose patience, you react and that reacting is not a very good one. When you are impatient, you react by giving up or getting loud or getting angry and this takes you nowhere. Plus, your energy changes and you reflect who you are and how you feel whether you realize it or not.

Anything great or worthy in life requires patience. Whether it be a relationship that you are in or a business you are trying to build or even waiting in line to be served. Even though we live in this society that wants to feed us this idea of having things fast and the easy way, in reality, the fast and easy things come with a very costly price. One perfect example of this is those who are very impatient to lose weight and rather than losing weight the healthy way, the way we were designed to lose weight, they decide to do surgery instead, for example. Unfortunately for some, the price of doing this has been costly. There have been people who either got an infection as a result of the surgery or even died. Now, to each their own and I respect anyone who decides to do cosmetic surgery because to me that takes courage but when you resort to this because you are impatient to lose the weight, you miss out on all the wealth of knowledge you can be gaining by losing weight the natural way. If you are trying to build a business and become impatient, you can miss out on so much that you can be gaining in the process of trying to make it big in your business. There is a saying that I learned back when I was in high school and I never forgot it and it was “It’s not the getting there, it’s the getting there” and this I believe applies to everything in life. It’s not just the getting to the destination that’s important, which in business is making a lot of money for many, it’s also all that you learn along the way that matters just as much or more!

There are many ways that we can practice patience and I think a number one fact is our mind. Your mindset plays a big role in everything you do. Start by realizing that great things take time. Great things don’t come so quickly and that’s ok. That gives you time to sink in all the things that are happening and you give yourself the chance to learn along the way. If what makes you impatient is waiting in line, my suggestions are two things. One, allow enough time in between the waiting in line and the next activity that you have to do. This way you don’t feel the pressure that you are waiting too much on line to be served because you have another place to go to. Also, if just the fact of waiting on line is just too much for you, believe it or not, that time that you are waiting in line can still be a productive time. I love to read and so I am always carrying a book with me. Perhaps that’s a time that you can take to read something you have been meaning to read, for example. There are many more ways that you can practice patience, it’s a matter of being creative.

There are many assets that we can have that would add more well-being into our life and one of the top ones is patience. It is my desire for you to live a life that is great and healthy and one way to achieve that is by striving to have that balance in all areas of your life. Patience is one of those assets that many neglect but so essential to our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Life can sometimes be very difficult and that’s when practicing patience will be very handy for your mental and emotional sanity.



How To Deal With Moments When You Feel A Bit of Frustration

We all have moments when we get frustrated. All of us. No one is immune to this. As human beings it’s only normal to feel this way from time to time. Even I sometimes feel this way. The key to when we are feeling this is knowing how to manage this emotion. Notice that I didn’t say “control this emotion”. To me, the sound of “control this emotion” it’s as if there is something wrong with feeling this way. It’s not the feeling that is wrong, it’s our reaction because of this feeling that makes it wrong in terms of if we do something to hurt others or ourselves, this is wrong.

I believe every emotion exists for a reason. You don’t just feel things just to feel them. Just like a thermometer is a tool to measure the body’s temperature, your emotions can be a tool to measure where you are spiritually and in life. With this said, feeling frustrated doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can actually work to your favor for you to start figuring out something that perhaps you have been neglecting for a while and it is now manifesting itself through frustration.

It is important to know that part of well-being is knowing how to manage your emotions. Proper management of your emotions is key to adding more well-being into your life. Whenever you have a moment where you can’t afford to be frustrated or even show frustration, start by taking a deep breath. This will help relax your body by activating the parasympathetic system which helps the body to calm down after a stressful event. Taking a deep breath also gives your brain more oxygen which will help you relax your mind.

Remind yourself that whatever got you frustrated is nothing in comparison to other things. There are times when we make certain things that may frustrate us bigger than what they actually are. It’s important to try to put things in perspective and realize that lots of times the things that frustrate us are not even worth our time.

Make a list of all the reasons that you have to be happy. If you have to write it down then do so and carry this list with you. If you’re not used to quickly shifting your mindset from frustrated to appreciative, carrying the list and looking at it when feeling frustrated will train your mind to look at all the good you have going on in your life.

When you do have time for yourself, question where that frustration came from. You will be amazed at how much you can learn about yourself if you pay attention to your emotions and get to know yourself.

Like I say often, we have to honor and respect our emotions because they are a part of us. Our emotions can reveal to us so much if we are open to it and frustration is definitely an emotion that we should not ignore nor deny since we can become a better person by learning from it.