The Danger of Waiting Until You Feel Like It

It would be great to wake up everyday feeling energized, pumped up and ready to do all the things that we must do in order to have the things and the life that we want. I believe that feeling this way is possible but it does require effort. Even effort is something that there are times we may struggle with because the truth of the matter is that we may not always feel the energy to put in the effort that is required.

There is a danger in waiting to feel like doing something that if that doesn’t get changed, the life that you want will still continue to be a dream. The problem with waiting until you feel like it is that not always are you going to feel like doing the things that you need to do in order to have the life that you want. Think about it. Do you always feel like going to work? Not really. Few people can say that they actually look forward to going to work. When you went to school or if you are currently going to school, do you always feel like studying? Not really. The reality is that there will be many things that you will not feel like doing but if you want to have the things you want, you must push through and do those things.

Waiting until you feel like doing something will delay you from having the things that you want. The one thing you can’t have back is time. Once time is gone, it is gone. The more you wait until you feel like doing something, the more time you will be wasting. What is needed most in order to get the things that you want is discipline.

Motivation is needed to get things started but you can’t rely on motivation to keep on going. This is where discipline comes into play. What can help with discipline is learning to keep your eye on the prize, especially when you are feeling lazy to do something. So how can you keep your eye on the prize at all times? Find what works for you according to how you function. Have a photo that reminds you of why you are doing what you are doing. Constantly remind yourself who you are wanting to be. Reminders are necessary for us not to forget our why behind our actions and they can keep us going when we want to give up.

Learn to see the lessons that you are getting from everything that you are doing. Even the most boring tasks there is so much you can gain. Nothing, absolutely nothing needs to go to waste and this includes the boring tasks. Everything serves for the purpose of growth.

Waiting…..there is a time to wait but not when it comes to getting certain things like waiting until you feel like doing something. This kind of waiting can be detrimental to your overall well-being because it can delay your happiness in every sense of the word. Waiting until you feel like it delays you from being the person that you are supposed to be. Waiting until you feel like it can make you have regrets in the future. So if you have been waiting until you feel like doing something, I would like to encourage you to think about the things that you have been delaying from doing because you have been waiting until you feel like doing them. Think about these things and if the objective of doing these things serves a higher purpose, then don’t delay in taking action.

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Laziness…The Killer of a Great Life…

We have a criminal in town and it doesn’t discriminate and it can attack anyone at any moment in life. Yes, it is a criminal because it kills your chances to a great life, it kills your dreams and steals your motivation in life. This criminal doesn’t care if you are a male or female, what your ethnicity is nor how old you are. Yes, I dare to say it, that criminal is called laziness!

“Stop being so dramatic Aura!” you’re probably saying to yourself. No, this is not being dramatic because laziness is a big criminal if you allow it to creep into your life. There are many who would love a great life but yet allow themselves to be lazy to do what it takes to have that life they want.

Laziness can attack at any moment in time. Many times we are not so aware of it, other times we are. One sure way you can know whether or not laziness is attacking you is that you start to make excuses as to why you can’t do this nor have that. When I write “excuses”, I’m not referring to excuses that are legitimate like when one has real problems going on in their life. I think you know very well the kind of excuses I mean because deep down inside you know that those excuses are just a way of you convincing yourself that you can’t do this or have that.

Another way to know when laziness is attacking you is by you knowing that you have to get something done yet you don’t feel like doing it. When you don’t feel like doing something, you will be tempted to come up with excuses to justify why you can’t do something. One thing to keep in mind is that anything that you want to accomplish in life you won’t always feel like doing but you do it anyway because you know you have the bigger picture in mind.

If you say you want something but yet you are not doing anything to get what you want, yup, that’s laziness attacking you, trying to kill your dreams. Wanting something is not enough for you to have what you want. You have to take action. You have to be doing something every single day in order to get closer to whatever it is that you want. That is the hardest part. Wanting is easy, the secret is in the doing and when you start viewing the doing part as something hard or impossible, you are allowing laziness to take over by once again, justifying why you can’t do something.

My hope with this post is to make you aware of ways in which you may be allowing laziness to kill your chance of having the life that you want. If you start paying attention to these signs that I just wrote, you will know that laziness is trying to take over and then be able to stop this from creeping into your life.

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How To Take Action When Feeling Unmotivated

Who doesn’t have dreams and aspirations in life? I think most of us do. If this is so, then why is it that some people seem to reach their goals in life while others don’t? Is it that there are those who are just lucky? Is it that those who achieve their goals have more talent than others? Is it that it was in their destiny to reach those goals while it was not in the destiny of those who didn’t achieve their goals? I think one of the reasons, because there can be many reasons as to why some achieve their goals while others don’t, lies on feeling unmotivated. If this is the case, then how can one take action when feeling unmotivated?

There are different ways you can approach this. The first one would be to ask yourself what motivates you to want to do whatever it is that you would like to do. The reason for you wanting to take action would need to be strong in order for you to stick with it. When there is emotion attached to whatever it is that you want to do, you are more compelled to stick with whatever it is that you want to do. By attaching emotion to it, you are making your reason strong enough so that you can stick with your decision even when the going gets tough.

Once you figure out what motivates you to take action towards something and you make sure you attached emotion to it, since we are emotional beings and whether we realize it or not, a lot of the decisions that we make are based on how we feel about things, keep reminding yourself what is motivating you to do something. There will be times when the going will get tough and so you will need reminders as to why you decided to do what it is that you are doing in the first place.

Another important factor to remember is that if you rely on feeling motivated in order to take action then you may never start or reach your goals. It is important to remember that motivation is fleeing, therefore, you can’t rely on this. If you want to reach any goal, you need determination and discipline. Motivation is only good at first to get you started but not necessary to keep you going. You’re not always going to feel motivated to do what you need to do. Just like when going to school, you want to have the degree and there are times you don’t feel like writing papers but you know you have to write that paper in order to pass the class and you have to pass the class in order to graduate. Same thing applies to everything else in life.

What does this have to do with your well-being and your life in general? I think this has a lot to do with your well-being and life in general because there are lots of things that many people want but just don’t seem to get motivated to do what they need to do such as losing weight, or eating better to manage an illness they may have or even get the motivation to get the training for a new job. These are just some examples of how feeling unmotivated can interfere with your overall well-being so it is important to know how to overcome it. Your well-being depends on many things and when you let the lack of feeling motivated stand in your way, depending on the circumstances, this can be detrimental to you and your life in general. Therefore, it is important to know that motivation indeed can be fleeing so it is not always reliable. It is your discipline and determination that will count the most.

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