Do Things That You Can Be Proud Of

In today’s post, I would like to encourage you to do things that you can be proud of and to focus on that very pride that you want to feel whenever you want to do something.

Why focus on the pride? Pride is a great feeling and it is a feeling that can keep us going. The reason why I encourage you to focus on the pride is because there WILL be times when you will feel lazy to do something. There WILL be times when life will get in the way. The things that you may want to do may scare you. That’s just the way it is because we are human. However, if you do your best to focus on the pride part, this can encourage you to do things despite you not wanting to do them and despite things getting in the way.

Also, because it is the beginning of a new year, it’s easy to create new years resolution and not keep up with the things you have to do in order to accomplish your goals. It can be easy to be distracted, especially in today’s world. It becomes crucial to be focused for your own well-being and knowing that you want to have things to be proud of can push you further.

Do things that you can be proud of despite not feeling like it. Know that those moments do come so think of ways that you can overcome that feeling. For me, it is what I am recommending to you in today’s post- I remind myself of how proud I want to feel about myself.

Do things that you can be proud of despite life getting in the way. Ahh life, life sometimes does have its moments. Think about where do you want to be a month from now. Think about what you want to be able to say that you accomplished. If you have to, find an accountability partner. This can help you keep going even when things can get in the way. When my dad was very ill at the hospital, it was challenging for me to eat healthy because I was sad with all that was going on. It was the Sugar Buster program that helped me keep going even when I didn’t feel like eating right.

Do things that you can be proud of despite the fear. I can tell you from personal experience that the more you want out of life, the more fear you will feel and that’s because you are stepping into the unknown. Feel the fear and remind yourself that the fear you feel is also excitement masked in fear. Remember that fear is normal because you are stepping into the unknown.

It’s important to always do things that you can feel proud of and this can be big or small. It can be something like drinking more water if you hardly drink water to daring to do something that you have always dreamed to do. There is always a start to everything and challenges will arise along the way. However, for your overall well-being, it is important to learn from those challenges and grow. Nothing that ever happens has to go to waste. I encourage you that every day you work on doing something that you can be proud of and you’re more than welcome to share in this post what have you done that you are proud of. I look forward to hearing from you.

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One Killer to Great Relationships and Great Life

There are many things that can kill great relationships and life but this week, I would like to write about one that seems to be so prevalent nowadays and that’s such a shame because this one masks great things into something that you would think you have to push away, it pushes away from you things and people that can add to your life as well as make you blind to your own mistake. This one thing is called pride/ego.

It’s important to have pride in oneself- pride in who we are, pride to not allow others to hurt us, pride to set boundaries of what is allowed in our personal space and what is not allowed, etc. However, there is a certain kind of pride that is hurtful to you and that’s the kind of pride that comes from your ego. The ego always seeks to protect itself. The ego is selfish. The ego doesn’t know any better and this is why our pride can’t come from the ego.

How does this pride/ego hurt your relationships and you from having a great life? Well, first off, one may ask what consists a great life. A great life is not just one where you are career wise prosperous or financially prosperous or even when physically you are “healthy”. It consists of so much more such as your mindset, your relationship with yourself, your relationships with others, etc. It consists of having a balance in every area in your life or at least striving for balance. There will be moments where it will not be perfect, a great life is not about perfection. It is about having a healthy balance and having great relationships in life. In fact, relationships and this means any interaction that you have with others, is the basis to a great, healthy life! It is your relationships with others that grows you. It is your relationships with others that truly fulfill you.

How pride kills all this is that it blinds you from seeing things the way they are, it makes you ignore your inner being and what it is trying to tell you, it doesn’t allow you to see where you went wrong when something went wrong. It makes you blind, deaf, numb and all the things that you must not be in order to live a great life.

The way to combat this pride/ego is by being truly honest with yourself as to who you are, what you want, seeing your role in everything that happens and admit the role that you played in anything that happens. Think about the bigger picture. Being right at the cost of your relationships is not worth it. Keeping your pride because you don’t want to apologize for what you did wrong makes you lose. It makes you lose the potential of great people in your life. There is nothing wrong with admitting you are wrong, in fact, that makes you strong. There is nothing wrong with caring because it makes you human.

If you truly care about having a great life, start investing in good relationships- good friends, cultivating your relationship with someone you love, loving your spouse, telling the person that you care that you actually care, etc. Don’t let pride/ego get in the way of your relationships or in the way of you allowing something that can be great from happening. I think if most of us did that, we wouldn’t live in such confusion or hurt.

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