Believe In Your Inner Reality

I feel so compelled to write about this in today’s blog because I am believing more and more that there are two kinds of realities in life- the outer reality and the inner reality. The conversations that I have had in these past days have been so enlightening for me and has proved to me that indeed there are two realities in life and that if we want to grow in well-being, we NEED to believe in our own inner reality and indeed ignore the outer reality.

We are indeed tempted to believe in our outer reality. We are tempted to believe that there is bad out there, that we can’t trust anyone, that love doesn’t exist anymore, that the older we get the more tired or sick we get. We are tempted to believe that the life we want, the house we want, the person that we want to be doesn’t exist. I’m here to tell you that all this are lies. Lies to hurt us. Lies to keep us down. Lies to shrink us. Lies to keep us from growing into all that we are capable and meant to be.

The moment we believe in these lies, the moment that we give into these lies is when those lies become a reality. Part of life is disappointments. Part of life is rejection. Part of life is hurt and thank god for all this! Why thank god? You probably think I’m nuts for this but the reason why you want to be thankful for all this is because all these things will lead you to growth. It leads you to knowing and understanding what you don’t want that will eventually lead you to the things that you do want.

Your inner reality is the one with the most power. It is the one that whether you realize or not, it dictates the actions that you take. How so? Whatever you think, you will subconsciously behave in ways that matches that what you think. Whatever you feel, you will subconsciously be lead to take actions that matches what you feel. Notice that when you feel sad, you feel like doing nothing, you feel like eating junk food, you most likely will have conversations that make you feel more down. All these things will just feed the emotion that you already feel, making it more intense and imprinting in your brain the reality that sadness is your reality. Notice that when you feel good, you start doing things that make you feel good. You feel like eating healthy. You naturally feel more energized which makes you radiate unto the eyes of others. All this with something as simple as feeling good. That’s how powerful our emotions are.

If you have the courage to believe in your inner reality, you will see that you already are and have all the things that you want. The reason why it isn’t a reality yet is because you may have some resistance to it and you don’t fully believe in the things you want. I have to admit, the biggest challenge is believing in your inner reality when the outer reality doesn’t seem to match. Regardless, it is CRUCIAL that you ignore your outer reality. Your current outer reality is a reflection of who you were in the past. You are experiencing the residual of your past. So your present is your past. I never fully understood this until I am now fully understanding its meaning.

Believe that you are that person that you know in your heart that you are. Believe you are a healthy person. Believe you have that house that you want. Believe you have that marriage that you want. You have to believe and stay away from conversations that contradict that inner reality. Stay away from people who have a negative undertone energy. Stay away from those who don’t believe in your dreams. Stay away from thoughts that make you sad. For the sake of this blog post, I will discuss in the next blog post how can you start to believe in your inner reality when your outer reality shows its opposite.

In the meantime, I would like to encourage you to believe. Start listening to music that uplifts you. Do things that make you feel good. Be around loving people. Know that you are love and that you are loved. Let’s start with that first and then on the next blog post, I can discuss how to believe in your inner reality. If you first start by feeling good, you will grow in well-being tremendously.

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Honesty Is Truly the Best Policy

Probably as you read this title, you thought about being honest with others. Even though it is important to be honest with others, this is not the honesty that I am referring to. There is one person that is very important in your life; one person who truly has so much power in your life, one person whom you ALWAYS need to be honest with so that you can be guided to the things and people that you want and that person is YOU.

Yes, the first person that you must be honest with is yourself. Honesty is truly the best policy and it only hurts you to not be honest with your own self. How does not being honest with yourself hurts you? The lack of honesty toward yourself hurts your chances of ever being happy. This is because you will most likely do things that doesn’t come from your true essence which is your soul. Most likely you will do things to please others. Most likely you will seek approval from others. This lack of honesty can prevent you from even listening to your own intuition. This, then, leads you to situations and people that you can’t help but wonder “how did this ever happen?”.

Lack of honesty toward yourself leads you to being confused and lost. This is because if you are not truly honest with yourself, how do you know what you need out of things and people? How do you know what will truly make you happy? How do you know what truly works for you and what doesn’t? What honesty does is that it leads you to the root of things that help you get what you want out of life.

Lack of honesty makes you numb to your own inner truth. How are you supposed to know who you are if you can’t be honest with yourself? Even though there are universal truths, I believe that each of us have our own truth according to our true essence. This truth may not resonate with those around you or even your own environment but how are you supposed to know that when you are not honest with yourself? Honesty sheds light to any darkness that you may be experiencing in your life.

Lack of honesty ruins your chances of ever having the life that you want in every regards. This is because that lack of honesty prevents you from having a deep understanding of who you are. Perhaps you are doing things just because everyone else around you are doing it, but is it really what you want to do? Perhaps you have been so used to eating a certain way because that’s how you grew up eating, but is that way of eating working for you? Perhaps the career that you have doesn’t bring joy to you, so why is it that you are in that profession? Once again, honesty sheds light where there is darkness. If you are in the dark of who you really are, this will hurt your well-being tremendously.

So with this post, I want to encourage you to be honest with yourself as to the decisions that you make, the things that you allow in your life and even the things that you got rid of in your life. Be honest with yourself as to the things that you really want. Be honest with yourself as to how you really want to feel…..because honesty is truly the best policy.

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The Grass Is Never Greener On the Other Side

I think as human beings it’s only normal to think that perhaps others have it better than us, that perhaps we can find someone better than the one we are currently seeing, etc. This kind of thinking although it may be natural to feel, it can prevent you from seeing all the good that is front of you. It is because of this that I would like to encourage you to see that the grass is never greener on the other side.

Don’t wait until something is lost for you to start valuing it. Remember that you currently have things that others would like to have. That may be the job that you have someone else may want. That can also be the relationship that you are currently in someone else would like to have a relationship like yours. Perhaps even a physical quality of yours someone else may want to have. Whatever it is, remember that you have something that someone else may want.

Also, your grass is as green as you make it. Perhaps other people’s grass looks greener because they are taking care of their own grass. So with this said, start taking care of what you currently have. Whatever it is that you see others have, why don’t you try your best to have that as well but just in a way that it’s unique to you. Start taking the steps necessary so that you can have the things that you want, the life that you want, the relationships that you want, the job that you want, etc.

I would like to encourage you to start seeing the wonderful things that you have in your life. Ask yourself: What can I be grateful for today? What do I have that is just great? What are some things about myself that are amazing? How can I improve the relationship I’m currently in? What are the aspects of this relationship that I love? What are some things that make my job great?

Asking yourself these questions will get your brain thinking and moving toward a more positive direction. Remember that your grass will be as green as you make it to be. Do your best to tend to your grass. Take care of it in every season so that it can look its best. Remember that in every aspect of your life, what you put in is what you get out. If you want your life to be as great as you want it to be, that is up to you to do the work that it takes. You have the power to make your grass as green as you want it to be and remember that just because other people’s grass is very green, doesn’t mean that it is greater and better than yours.

If you love the blog, you will most certainly love my latest book Creating a Lifetime of Wellness: Start Having the Life You Deserve where I discuss topics that highly impact your well-being that perhaps you may not be aware of. You can purchase your copy on Amazon or on Barnes and Noble

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The Fine Line Between Caring About What Others Think and Feel Vs. Not Caring

Since on my last post I discussed how in order to be authentic you have to be true to who you are and this will also mean that you can not care about what others think and feel, then you may wonder whether or not there is a fine line between caring about what others think and feel vs. not caring and to what degree should we care or not care and this is exactly what this post will be about.

First I want to discuss the “not caring part”. The reason why you shouldn’t care so much is because at the end of the day, no one else is living your life for you. No one else has to carry the consequences of your actions. No one else can do anything for you. Others can be a sense of support for you but no amount of support will matter if you are not the first one to support yourself. No amount of love from others will matter if you first don’t love yourself. No amount of any investment that others can do in you will matter if you first don’t invest in yourself. In other words, everything, absolutely EVERYTHING in your life starts with you. YOU are the one that matters most in YOUR life. When it comes to YOUR life, it is you who has to live with you for the rest of your life. Concerning yourself too much with what others will think and feel will hinder you, it will cripple you and prevent you from your own growth. This is because no one truly has the answers to your life. This is because other people may have their own insecurities that they may project on to you. This is because other people may be limited and this limitation includes that they may be mentally limited due to their own ignorance or limiting beliefs. They may be limited emotionally in the sense that they may not believe something is possible when you in your heart know it is. Whatever it may be, other people will always be limited because they are not you to know what you truly need and want.

Now, just because I write that you shouldn’t care about what others think and feel doesn’t mean that this is not a license to disregard other people’s feelings and thoughts and act in a careless manner. Not at all! To a certain degree you have to care because we all influence each other. You matter to someone and what you say and do has an influence on someone else. Even though other people’s happiness is not your responsibility, it is their responsibility, you can add to other people’s well-being by being a sense of joy to them. I think we come into this world to add to other people’s life in tremendous ways, it’s just a matter of us seeing that. It is in this sense that what others think and feel should matter. If your words and actions are going to hurt others, then it has to matter! If what you are going to say or do will add joy to others, then it has to matter! Everything and anything that you do has to come from a place where you are full and good. We have to be real and honest to know that we are not always going to be our best selves. We are only human. However, care about what others think or feel to the degree that you add joy and greatness to others. Not the opposite.

There is a fine line between caring about what others think and feel vs. not caring and that line is where is this caring coming from. Is it coming from a place of insecurity about yourself or is it coming from a genuineness of adding rather than depleting from others? THAT is the fine line. When this caring is coming from a place of insecurity, then you need to value more what you think and feel rather than others. When it comes from a genuine place of adding to others rather than depleting, then that’s when it should matter. Mastering this fine line is a must for your well-being.

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Are You Feeding Diseases?

These past few days have been very stressful for me because of what my family and I are going through with my dad’s health. Finding him a rehab center was more challenging than we have thought. Luckily this week, after many weeks of looking for a rehab center for him, we finally found one that accepted my dad with all his medications. After one emergency after another, after speaking so much with social workers, with doctors, doing research, going around checking out facilities, there were times that I put my health aside, really. I skipped meals these past days, it was challenging to sleep and it got to a point where I knew that my regular routine was lost. I no longer needed strong coffee to feel jittery because I was able to sense that my body, even when there was no reason to feel agitated or stress, it still thought it was in a state of emergency. All this got me thinking about how easy it is to become chronically sick over time and because of this I ask you this one question…are you feeding diseases?

One thing that we sometimes fail to realize is that all of us are prone to diseases. All of us. However, what determines whether we develop a disease or not is our lifestyle. Our genes do play a role, however, whether or not you develop a disease will also depend on your overall lifestyle. This is why I do advocate not to abuse your body on a daily basis because there will be times that because of life’s circumstances your health may be compromised a bit. This is why it is important to give your body the basics on a daily basis. The basics are proper nutrition, proper sleep, physical activity and stress management.

Proper nutrition is the FUEL for the body. You are on the outside what you put in the inside. If you want everything to work properly in your body, feed it not just to control your hunger but to have OPTIMUM health. One thing that I must include with your nutrition is supplementation. It is CRUCIAL to take supplements. Why? Because as the word itself implies, it supplements what you eat. Supplements are not meant to make up what you don’t eat, they are meant to ADD to what you are already eating. However, when choosing supplements, make sure you choose high quality ones which would be pharmaceutical grade. I can discuss more on another post.

Make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep for everyone will be different since some may need more than eight hours of sleep while others may need less. Sleep is so crucial because it is when you sleep that cells are replenished, the immune system gets a boost, anything that you are learning are reinforced in the brain and the list goes on and on as to the benefits of sleep. This is a topic all on its own. If you want to feel balanced, alert, and not feel so hungry, make sure you get sleep.

Awww physical activity, a must to maintain health. It helps the blood circulate better throughout the body, it helps release the feel good chemicals in the body, and there is something about working out that just makes you want to keep up with the healthy eating. Being physically active creates a domino effect in your life so even if you have to start small, do so but stay active. Your body was designed to be in motion.

The last thing but equally important is stress management. Stress was not meant to be eliminated from your life. Stress has its purpose since it helps prepare the body to either “fight or flight” a situation that may be threatening for us. Even though stress has its evolutionary purposes because stress does help the body prepare to deal with a threatening situation or with an emergency, constant stress creates damage to your body over time. This is why it is important that you know how to manage stress. Find things that are soothing and relaxing for you and try to do those things on a daily basis. This is not a luxury, it is a necessity for your overall well-being.

Your overall well-being depends on all of the things that I have discussed in this post. You are worth the investment and time in yourself. Should you want to learn more about supplementation since I am passionate about that topic as well as overall well-being, you can contact me by filling out the “Contact Me” form. I encourage you now to start taking a look at these different areas of your life and to start taking care of your body now.

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